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Pack 114 is about family. Whether it's a den meeting, pack meeting, community service event, or campout, the family is invited. Our values can be summed up as follows: safety, fun, and education - that's what scouting is about to our pack! We love to eat, be outdoors, play games, and be silly! 

There are two things that make our pack a fun, inviting, and exciting family to be a part: great scouts, and amazing leaders. Our trained leaders are constantly finding new ways to make scouting safe, relevant, and fun for our scouts. Whether it's teaching kids how to cook cobbler using cast iron dutch ovens, how to properly handle knives, or what it means to be a member of a community - scouts in Pack 114 learn many valuable lessons!

Finally, our leaders care about recognizing our scouts' growth. These are prime years for these kids, as they are learning so much from teachers, friends, and family. As they learn a new skill, scouting rewards them with belt loops, patches, pins, and plenty of other trinkets to add to their brag vest. Brag on, cub scouts! 

Our Values


We teach the kids many things they don't learn in school or at home. Sometimes, these activities have inherent risks, such as using BB Guns, Archery, building campfires, canoeing, etc. We make absolutely certain that our leaders are properly trained before embarking on these activities, and we convey and constantly monitor the safety of the scouts when performing those activities. 


Scouting is not just for the boys - it's for the family. Every member of every family in Pack 114 is welcome to all pack events, whether that be pack meetings, den meetings, pinewood derby, or campouts. The more, the merrier as we say.  


It's important for our scouts to be successful in everything they do. We leave no scout behind in individual achievements and holistic advancement. We take pride in the successes of each scout through public acknowledgement thru recognition and advancement ceremonies held at every pack meeting. 


Scouting should never be a chore for a child. While scouts are developing character, learning important life skills, and becoming self-reliant young men, they are still boys, and boys like to have fun. That's why every activity we hold, we ask ourselves if we are "keeping it simple and making it fun".


Our cub scout pack embraces diversity. Regardless of the color of your skin, and regardless of your religious background, you are welcome in Pack 114. While most of our students come from Indian Creek Elementary and Harmony School of Innovation (both in Carrollton, TX), we have no formal borders. If you're interested in what we have to offer, we'd love to have you and your family as a member of the pack!

Our Leadership

"The sport in scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it."

- Sir Robert-Baden Powell, father of the Scouting movement

Great leaders make great scout units. As mentioned above, our trained leaders are constantly finding new ways to make scouting fun, relevant, and safe for our scouts and their families! We guide and advise children to success - not doing their work for them. It's important that the scout achieves success in everything they do, and success is theirs to behold, not that of their parent or adult partner. 

Without the help of these adult leaders, our pack would not be as fun and successful. The next time you see one of these leaders, be sure to thank them for all they do for scouting. If you'd like to give them a big thanks, ask how you can help - we're always in need of help from other adults at many levels - event preparation, committee membership, and leadership. 

our Leaders
Saul Freedenberg
Andy Adcock

Assistant Cubmaster


Chris Weldon

Committee Chair


Roz Freedenberg



Carina Warner
Tekle Berhane

Membership Chair


Erin Brown



Amber Taylor

Marketing Chair


Jack Raymond

Training Chair


Amy Jackson
Shanna Geller

Advancement Chair



Outdoor Activities Chair


Andy Adcock
Wolves Den Leader

OUR Den Leads

Our Den Leaders run our individual dens within the pack. They are primarily responsible for the advancement of each child under their responsibility.

John Taylor
Bears Den Leader
Jack Raymond
Weblos Den Leader
Cub Scouts
Pack 114
Carrollton, TX



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