MembershiP Team

The Membership Team is responsible for recruiting new scouts, building relationships with the new scout families, being their go-to contacts for things they need to know about getting started with Cub Scouts, and most importantly, being a fun and exciting group for new (and old) scouts to get-to-know. 

All members of the Membership Team are referred to as New Member Coordinators. You will receive training and mentoring on how to be effective for you and the scout families that you serve. Once the year is underway, the relationships you will have built with the new scout families will become natural, requiring little additional time commitment. 

At the end of the calendar year, the Pack renews everyone's membership in an event called Recharter. This event requires the Membership Team to contact all scouts and their families to ensure they wish to continue into the spring so we can get an accurate headcount for renewal. 

What Effort is Required?

The start of the school year is our big recruiting push. For the first month of the year, we have 4-5 recruiting events to spread awareness of the Pack and help register those who are not already scout families. Each membership team member will spend no more than 2-3 hours per week for the first month of the school year. 

Starting in November and ending the first week of December, membership team members will divide and conquer contacting all current scout families to help validate they intend to return for the spring. They will also work together to complete the required paperwork for Recharter. This should take approximately 1-2 hours per week until it's complete.

During the first month (and thruout the year), membership team members also help to spread the word of our pack, including to those families whom express interest in learning more about scouting or are potentially interested in joining.


What do we need?

We are currently looking for 3 team members in addition to our Membership Chair to help with these activities. 

Our membership chair position is currently vacant! We need a new Membership Chair to join our committee to help lead another successful recruiting season and another year of scouting! 

Please contact Chris Weldon if you are interested in volunteering for this team. 

Membership Chair

The Membership Team is led by the Membership Chair. This person is responsible for knowing all the requirements for becoming a scout and a formal BSA scout leader, identifying opportunities to potentially recruit new scouts into our pack, and identify ways to help resolve challenges families may be experiencing that prevent them from continuing scouting. 

As a membership chair, you'll attend the monthly Committee Meetings to participate in planning with the broader leadership team and bring up concerns that affect retention. 

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